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Posted October 25th, 2009 in General, Latest and tagged , , , by deconspray

Well, the planets all lined up again. Which meant, my intent to redesign my personal website had to be placed on hold. Yet, moving off of a web host and getting things updated took precedence. So with that, here’s the latest website redesign.

It’s based on the wpFolio WordPress theme, with just a few customizations. I need to make more, but it’ll have to wait until time allows.

Stay tuned, more fun on the way.

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  1. wpfeed says:

    looks great (-:

  2. Lewis Cowles says:

    The website does look great, I think the comments form needs css tweaking as it takes up too much space (possibly break up and float left on two seperate div’s to halve the space requirement) but really great and most importantly it’s your style

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