Wanted: UX / Front-End Web Designer/Developer Opportunity

Posted April 23rd, 2012 in Professional by deconspray

Opportunity Summary

  • Location: Chicago, IL (Target range: Downtown Chicago north through Northern Suburbs
  • Employee Type: Full-Time Preferred, will consider Long-term Contract
  • Industry: Open
  • Job Type: Internet, Design, Marketing
  • Education: High School, Some College
  • Experience: 18 years
  • Travel: Negligible
  • Post Date: 4/23/2012

Dennis Deacon (the candidate) is currently looking for a User Experience or a Front-End Web Development opportunity in the Chicagoland area (sorry, no relocations). The opportunity must rely on the candidate’s 18 years experience with HTML/XHTML, 12+ years experience with CSS, 2+ year experience with CSS3 and at least high-level knowledge of HTML5. Opportunity must need proficiency in using the Adobe Create Suite. Some user experience work and a marketing mindset is preferred.


  • Responsible for the day-to-day update of websites, microsites and landing pages
  • Responsible for the creation of new online solutions, i.e. websites, microsites and landing pages, that impact the business’s bottom line
  • Responsible for Email marketing, i.e. HTML email creation, distribution, tracking
  • Perform user experience research to gain target market insight to improve ROI
  • Leverages semantic markup and SEO best practices to ensure the best possible search engine placement
  • Use web analytics software to track online success and areas for improvement


  • 10+ years experience hand-coding HTML & CSS
  • 1-2 years experience hand-coding HTML5 and CSS3
  • 5+ years experience Adobe Creative Suite
  • 3+ years experience HTML Email marketing
  • 2-3 years User Experience research and design experience preferred
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization best practices
  • Knowledge of web analytic software, reporting
  • Experience with Javascript / jQuery nice to have; will allow for growth
  • Experience of social media marketing preferred, not required
  • Good communication skills
  • Can work independently or effectively in a team environment

To discuss this type of opportunity further, contact Dennis Deacon using the contact form link above or via provided email address.

When Bad User Experience is Embarrassing

Posted November 21st, 2011 in User Experience by deconspray

Restroom signage

Where would you enter the restroom?

I admit it … I’m a user experience geek. And at times, I can drive my wife nuts.

On a recent shopping mall outing, my wife and I paid a visit to an upscale department store, just to use the facilities (of course). While waiting for my wife, I observed a major user experience flaw. What made it so amazing is the this upscale retailer prides itself on its presentation. As men and women entered the restroom lounge area, over 70% of them appeared confused as to the location of “their” restroom. Several men were seen entering the women’s restroom in error. Not to be outdone, women were seen stepping into maintenance closets and service areas. Yet there were signs marking each restroom by gender. So why the confusion? Hadn’t the retailer done enough?

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