Quotable Quotes from CSUN 2017

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On Accessibility

“80% of people who use captions aren’t deaf or hard of hearing and there 48 million Americans with hearing loss.” @3PlayMedia

“Put hastags and URLs at the end of a post” -two screen reader users

“As designers, we disable people when we don’t get it right.” @JamieKnight

“People are not disabled, people are impaired. Experiences disable impaired people.” @JamieKnight

“The social model of disability: impairment + environment = disability” @JamieKnight

“Design for the extremes, let the middle take care of itself.” @dboudreau

“I don’t want to be the accessibility person on the team. I want everybody to be the accessibility person on the team.” @detonite

“a11y isn’t about limiting creative vision but removing unintentional ‘designed disabilities’ so more ppl can play.” @smashclayaudio

“1 in 4 will have a disability by the time they retire. You may think you don’t ‘need accessibility’ now, but that may change.” @cordeliadillon

“100 times great cost is incurred if #a11y defect found in wild vs in design” @Target

“you have to use ARIA like a French chef uses spices” @davidmacd

“Website headings are for structure not for style” @CyndiRowland

“Train all staff. Accessibility should be built into the DNA of an organization.” @LFLegal

“Add accessibility to performance evaluations.” @LFLegal

“Closing your eyes does not give you the experience of being blind, it only gives you the experience of closing your eyes.” @birkir_gun

“You’ll never be compliant when you focus on compliance.” @testingsage

“Regurgitation is not innovation!” @VandLShow

“A11y professionals can be d1cks.” @VandLShow

“They’re going to build a wall around Accessibility!” @VandLShow

“We have jobs in the accessibility industry that we just can’t fill because there aren’t enough people” @teachaccess

“Mobile designers need to realize that some users can’t change the orientation of their device.” @DAshleydale

“Accessibility is a civil right.” @LFLegal & @MarcySutton

“Laws + strategies = results” @LFLegal

“What’s the favourite tool of vikings and lumberjacks?” … AXE! @wilcofiers

“It’s not autonomy if you give me three choices for how to be autistic” @JamieKnight

“Accessibility advocacy is practical, personal, technical, political.” @MattMay

“Design with screen reader user first!”

On Presenting on Accessibility

“When creating slides please remember to make slides readable from back of room! Larger text, less words.” @AT_NMT

“Use mic, repeat questions, describe images, don’t use slides with long novels on them, keep time.” @FunkaNu

“Speakers, please try not to scroll your page while on the projector. This can make people who suffer motion sickness feel ill.” @nattarnoff

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